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Describe in depth three of the following research designs frequently used:

Reversal/withdrawal designs, alternating treatment designs, multiple baseline designs, or changing criterion designs.

 Compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of each one with the issues of internal
validity, external validity and social validity in mind.

For each design that you select, give one example of a behavioral program or intervention that could be monitored or changed through the use of the design selected. Be sure to use a different type of setting:

For each example (e.g. – a mental health clinic, an educational setting, a
group home, etc.).

 Conclude with a brief discussion regarding the
ethical, legal, individual and socio-cultural implications of the
behavioral program which you described.

Be sure to provide both in-text citations and a final reference page as per APA
style to support your answers.

Must be at least 7 pages.

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Types of Research Designs in behavior Modification
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Behavior Design
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