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To succeed in an online classroom you must be dedicated, motivated and a non procrastinator. You have to be dedicated to setting aside a certain number of hours per day to work on your course work. You have to be motivated and have a reason as to why taking college courses online is important to you. You also have to be a non procrastinator and not put off your course work until the last minute. It is important to read and print the syllabus for each course, read all of the assigned material, and spend time each day completing the assigned work. The difference in an online classroom and traditional classroom is that you don't have an instructor reminding you in person when something is due; you must be dedicated enough to turn in assignments on time. I think being a non procrastinator is a very important trait in succeeding in an online environment. If you use time management, focus on why you are taking the courses, and don't procrastinate in completing the work, you will succeed in online college courses.


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