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Building an International Company


Grass Roots Company:


How does a company grow to become an international entity? Identify one international company, trace its roots and explain a success and a challenge it had growing to an international status. Also, create a new product idea of your own and describe how you could take the company from a local business to an international success.

    Identify one internationally successful company.

    Briefly describe its growth history

    Describe a success and a difficulty it had growing to international status

    Create your new product idea

    Describe how you would grow the company to international status.


This assignment should be approximately 1,500 words. It is to be written in APA format, type face: Times New Roman - 12 point, with a cover page. Remember to cite your sources in APA format. Minimum of 2-3 sources, not Wikipedia, one source can be your textbook.

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