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You must define suggested terms in your own words. Using definitions from the textbook or Internet is prohibited. Your responses should be a minimum of 50 words.

1.  Sean has designed a new type of helmet used for off-road vehicles. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of protecting this item under patent law and under copyright law.


2.  Colton uses his trademark solely in Kansas City, Missouri, and has no intention of expanding his business to any other region or state. Can Colton secure a federal trademark registration? Why or why not?


3.  Medicine Corp. intends to launch an important new drug both nationally and internationally. In your own words, describe the scope of the trademark search that Medicine Corp. should perform.


4.  Travis is interested in filing a trademark application for his hockey equipment company. What steps must he take in order to file the application?


5.  Ericka is one month late on her trademark registration renewal deadline. Describe the steps she must take in order to renew her late registration.


6.  Define cybersquatting and give an example

Cyber:  Computer network.
Squatter:   One that settles on property without right or title or payment.

Cybersquatting means using someone’s name and creating a website for your own benefit. For example, if I, made a website called, pretending to be President Obama, etc, he would make unwarranted profits, and have an unfair advantage over his online colleagues in terms of revenue from advertising. There are anti-cybersquatting laws in effect.


7.  Discuss the importance of the Paris Convention.

The importance of the Paris Convention is that it can cover all types of intellectual property and has two important provisions.  Each of its member countries guarantees citizens of other member countries the same rights as its own citizens.  I has two patent rights;  (1) A citizen of any signatory country will enjoy in all signatory countries the rights each signatory country grants to its own citizens; (2) A citizen of any signatory country, within 12 months (6 months for trademarks) after filing a patent in the home country, can file an application in any signatory country to receive the benefits of the original filing date.


8.  You created a form for your department to improve efficiency. Will you copyright this form? Explain.


9.  Explain why AM and FM radio stations do not pay royalties to performers for their sound recordings. Explain why satellite radio stations do pay royalties to performers for their sound recordings.


10.   In your own words, define joint work. Give an example.

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