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Must be original, must have reference, must pass plagiarism, and each question must have 150-200 word count.


Question #1:

You have been hired to be a consultant for a newspaper company located in Washington D.C. Your initial duty is to formulate an Emergency Response Plan. Evaluate the relationship between various departments within the organization and their responsibility in developing a plan. Also, describe the steps in developing an emergency response plan. In your opinion, which area is vital and why?  Here is an example of evacuation plan, The following information is marked on evacuation maps:  

  1. Emergency exits
  2. Primary and secondary evacuation routes
  3. Locations of fire extinguishers
  4. Fire alarm pull stations' location



Question #2:

You have been recently promoted to be the Director of San Diego, California, County Emergency Operations Center. Describe the importance of a command center. Also, in detail, list the personnel and equipment needed in a command center. 


Question #3: (Summary)

Provide a complete overview of week two’s discussions question.

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