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Must be original, must have reference, must pass plagiarism, and each question must have 150-200 word count.


Question #1:

Describe the different type of surveillance techniques. Also, explain what the terms “target” and “point” mean and, it detail, provide how to avoid a vehicle surveillance. Here are some type of surveillance as follow: Electric Monitoring,Fixed surveillance,Stationary technical surveillance, and Undercover Operations


Question #2:

As a security consultant, you have been contract by large catholic boarding school, located in the most expensive part of the city, to provide security enhancements to the existing school. The school is approximately 70 years old and there are plans to build on an additional building, within the next year, consisting of 25,000 square feet. Describe how you would provide a security assessment and what suggestions would you provide to the client to increase safety. 


Question #3: (Summary)

Provide a complete overview of week two’s discussions question and the writing assignment.

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