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Must be original, must have reference, must pass plagiarism, and each question must have 150 word count.


Question #1: (Elderly Prisoners)

Should prisoners who are terminally ill or over the age of 75 be paroled, even if they are not parole eligible?  Give reasons for your answer. 


Question #2: (Control of Corrections) 

Should the Courts be allowed to place state prisons under their control for management purposes?  Should prisons be privatized?  Give reasons for your answer.


Question #3: (Another case file)

I represented an 85 year old man found guilty of theft of $500,000 in a white collar crime scheme involving 4 victims. In Texas the offense is a first degree felony with a punishment range of not less than 5 years’ incarceration and a maximum of life incarceration.  What would be an appropriate sentence?


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