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Must be original, must have reference, must pass plagiarism, and each question must have 150 word count.


Question #1: (Policy Evaluation)

The last step in the policy process is policy evaluation, how would you evaluate the efficiency and effect of the 100,000 COPS legislation passed during the Clinton presidency?


Question #2: (Police Policy in Actions)

In Chapter 10 of the text The Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice this example is provided:

“If a group of juveniles hang out on a particular street corner, since it is a public street, they have that right. Yet, if the residents who live on the street corner feel threatened and passersby do not feel comfortable moving through the group on the sidewalk, this disrupts public order. A police officer comes along and is required to “do something” about the problem, as he or she is vested with the authority of government to resolve the situation.” 

If you were the officer what would you do and why? 

What type of policing policy would you have exhibited and why did you favor that policy?

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Question #1: (Policy Evaluation) and Question #2: (Police Policy in Actions)
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