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Must be original, must have reference, must pass plagiarism, and each question must have 150 word count.


Question #1: (Perception versus Reality)

In The Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice it is proposed that there is a difference between the public's perception of the number of crimes and the actual numbers of crimes committed.

How would you narrow or even eliminate the paradox between perception and the reality of criminal activity?

If this paradox did not exist what would be the impact on the criminal justice policy makers and the overall criminal justice system?


Question #2: (Policy Models)

In The Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice a number of policy models are described.  Outline the advantages and disadvantages of three of them.  Which model do you favor and why?


Question #3: (Presidential Powers) 

The President has both constitutional and institutional powers.  In your opinion which is the most powerful in the policy context? 

Additionally, Congress has numerous ways to affect policy making.  Explain, what in your opinion is its strongest power?  


Question #4: (Judges)

From a policy standpoint is it better for judges to be elected or appointed?  Give reasons for your answer.


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