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Designing your own token economy system.

 Be sure to clearly describe the following components:

  1. the tokens you will use;
  2. the target behaviors and rules for successful task completion;
  3. how you will make your system specific or individualized;
  4. your menu of backup reinforcers;
  5. a ratio of exchange and how you derived it
  6. procedures to dispense and exchange tokens;
  7. procedures to follow when token requirements are not met, and your thoughts on the use of response cost.
  8. discuss any unintended behavior changes that may result, and how to plan for these ahead of time
  9. discuss any practical, ethical, legal, individual or sociocultural concerns or issues that might apply

Provide support for your choices by citing your text and any other scholarly sources.

Body of the paper 5-6 pages in length, double spaced, must include reference page.

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Designing a Token Economy System
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