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Read the following scenario:

It is summer in a city where temperatures reach above 115 degrees during the day. Extreme heat conditions and storms have knocked out electrical power for a 10 square mile grid. Electricity is not expected to be restored for at least 24 to 72 hours.


Imagine you are part of a critical incident team.


Select an incident commander. (Don't worry about selecting an incident commander. Other Member is responsible for selecting an incident commander)


Execute a comprehensive incident management plan to deal with the emergency until it is resolved.


Ensure that all resources are contacted, deployed, and efficiently utilized.


Write a response to the scenario.


For this assignment, I suggest we follow the preparedness actions outlined from the State of California Contingency Plan for Excessive Heat Emergencies Please see pages 21-27 & pg. 34, etc....  The information can also be found here:  http://www.calema.ca.gov/planningandpreparedness/pages/heat.aspx.  We need each team member to cover one of the following six areas and we can compile to create a complete plan.

Aussieinmiss Part: Communication, warnings, and alerts by all agencies during preparedness/response and vulnerabilities of those most likely to be affected during preparedness/response (400 Words Max)


Heat Contingency Plan Rev April 2010.pdf
Heat Contingenc...
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