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Must be 100% original, Must pass plagiarism, Must have citations, Must have references, Must be in APA format. 

Gender-Based Theory Presentation PowerPoint 

Feminist Criminology

  • Feminism is a set of theories & strategies for social change that take gender as their central focus in attempting to understand social institutions, processes, and relationships.  Aussieinmiss Part need 2 slides with speaker notes
  • Mainstream feminism holds the view that women suffer oppression & discrimination in a society run for men by men who have passed laws and created customs to perpetuate their privileged position. Aussieinmiss Part need 2 slides with speaker notes
  • Gender & power rather than class & power. (Socal74)
  • Female crime has been virtually ignored by mainstream criminology. (Socal74)

Generalizability problem:

  • Do traditional male centered theories of crime apply to women? (Socal74)  
  • Gender ratio problem: What explains the universal fact that women are far less likely than men to involve themselves in crime? (Socal74)

Gender Based Theories of Crime, 2009.  Retrieved from http://www.memphis.edu/cjustice/wpitts/2140PDFLectures/2140Lect12.pdf


*Aussieinmiss big favor, based on the bullet points could you include an introduction and a conclusion for this presentation for me?  Thank you much.

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