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Must be 100% original, Must pass plagiarism, Must have citations, Must have references, Must be in APA format

Select a current criminal justice or security policy issue affecting the police, courts, juvenile justice, corrections, or private security; however, you may not choose police deployment.  Selected Corrections - War on Drugs

Write a 1,750- to 2,800-word paper that describes the policy-making steps and analyzes the current status of the selected issue. For issues that are still in progress, comment on what will have to take place for the process to be resolved.

Prepare a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation based on your paper.

Corrections - War on Drugs Outline

  1. Introduction- Aussieinmiss Part write 200 words with 1 slides with speaker notes
  2. War on Drugs
    1. History- Member 1
      1. Reagan Administration
      2. Response for growing crime problem
      3. Drug hysteria
    2. Illegalized Drugs- Member 1
      1. Marijuana
      2. Cocaine
      3. Heroin
    3. Established Sentencing Guidelines- Member 1
      1. Indeterminate Sentencing
      2. Long mandatory prison sentences
  3. Drug Policies- Member 2
    1. Harsh sentencing polices
      1. Double sentence for crack users
      2. Criminalized drug users
    2. Zero Tolerance
    3. Criminalizing drug use
  4. Challenges to Prison System- Member 2
    1. Skyrocketing rates of incarceration
    2. Prison Overcrowding
    3. Inhumane living Conditions
    4. Lack of Prisons
    5. Millions incarcerated
  5. Policy Making Steps- Aussieinmiss Part write 250 words 1-2 slides with speaker notes
    1. Stating the Problem
    2. Formulating a policy
    3. Implementing policy change
    4. Evaluating the Results
  6. Current Status Of Drug policies- Member 2
    1. States decriminalize marijuana use
    2. Drug courts
  7. Addressing the Issue- Aussieinmiss Part write 150-200 word and 1 slide with speaker notes
  8. Conclusion- Aussieinmiss Part write 150 words and 1 slides with speaker notes
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