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Must be 100% original, Must pass plagiarism, Must have citations, Must have references, Must be in APA format. 

Resources: City Demographics and Crime Profile. The city selected for this assignment is Washington D.C.

Write a 1,750 – 1850 word proposal in which you recommend policy in your previously selected city, addressing the following:

  • Assisting victims (Socal74)
  • Preventing crime (Aussieinmiss Part, write 400-450 word on topic and 3-4 PowerPoint slides with speaker notes)
  • Achieving effective justice (Member 2)
  • Intro and Conclusion (Member 3)

Address the effect that criminological theory and research have had on contemporary and historical crime control policies in your chosen city.

Provide theoretical rationale for your recommendations.

Prepare a 10- to 14-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation highlighting your Crime Reduction and Prevention Proposal.

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Crime Reduction and Prevention Proposal and Presentation (Crime Prevention Part)
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