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Must be original, must have reference, must pass plagiarism, and each question must have 200 word count.

Question #1: (Security versus privacy rights - where is the balance?) Security versus privacy rights

How has terrorism changed American citizens’ views and attitudes on law enforcement and security operations within the United States? What constitutional rights would you be willing to give up to protect national security? Explain.

Question #2: (Law Enforcement Approach to Violence) Approaches to Social Violence

How do criminal law enforcement organizations approach social violence and the various factors that are associated with it? Where does the application of public safety come into play versus individual privacy rights regarding domestic violence? What are the legal restrictions that are taken into consideration? What recommendations would you suggest to better address the issue of social violence? Explain.

Question #3: (Technology advances) How far do we go with technology?

What types of technology advances have entered the marketplace that affect privacy and the rights associated with it? What are the issues related to technology and privacy rights of individuals? What conflicts does this cause?

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