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Written Assignment 2

Weeks 5 and 6 present several of the manifestations of terrorism, and provide methods for identifying and categorizing them. Based on the material covered in Martin’s textbook and the articles available in the Supplementary Reading Packets:

  1. Select three of the types of terrorism discussed: state, dissident, religious, left-wing v. right-wing, or international.
  2. Describe each type you have selected in your own words and provide at least two specific groups who serve as examples of each type of terrorism.
  3. Compare and contrast all three types you have chosen.

Additional Guidelines:

  1. Your paper should include a title page, an abstract, no less than 5 pages of written text (1-inch margins, 12-point font, double-spaced), and a bibliography.
  2. The body of your text will include an introduction stating the purpose of your paper, several well-formulated paragraphs of no less than five sentences with appropriate transition sentences between them, and a conclusion bringing your paper to an orderly close.
  3. You must use your textbook and at least three articles from the Supplementary Reading Materials as primary sources for your paper.
  4. Your entire paper – from the layout to the citations – must conform to APA format.
  5. When your paper is complete, submit it to the dropbox in Week 6.
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Manifestations of Terrorism
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