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Based on the task force report, what you learned from the textbook and your own observations and experiences answer the following questions. Use full APA style formatting as you would in any other exercise. The response to each question should be no less than 150 words

Read the executive summary of the New York State Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings’ report, ” Reducing Inherent Danger: Report of the Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings” and complete the following assignment:

Based on the task force’s report, what you learned from the textbook, and your own observations and experiences, answer the following questions:

Do you agree that “unconscious” racial biases played a larger role in the shootings than overt biases of the shooting officers?

Considering the task force’s viewpoint that such “unconscious” biases are widely held by the general public, do you believe the training recommended is enough to overcome the biases in police officers?

How might the training recommended on racial stereotypes be utilized or expanded to address all encounters with members of different racial and ethnic minority groups?

What is your opinion on the nine task force recommendations’ chances of meeting their stated goal, “to reduce the chances that these tragedies will be repeated and increasing the safety of police officers and civilians across New York State and across the nation”?




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