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Find the attached article and read the instructions Instructions:
Book Assessment (Expected length of the body (doesn’t include references) : 4 pages double spaced; Maximum length: 6 pages). This is more than enough room if you are concise.
When finished you will upload the paper to the Turnitin drop box labeled Paper Drop Box under the Lessons tab inside the Growth and Open Economy Materials on WTClass. See the bottom of this document for a brief description of how this paper will be graded.
1. For this paper, you will be required to write a summary and review of the following article:
Mankiw, G.N., D. Romer, & D.N. Weil (1992). A Contribution to the Economics of Growth
The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 107(2), 407-437.
a. The first section of your paper should summarize the main findings of the paper. What unique contribution do the authors make? What do the authors argue?
b. The second section of your paper should review the article. Your review should include discussing the following:
i. What pivotal change do the authors make to the Solow model? How does this change impact the Solow model’s predictions?
ii. What evidence do the authors present to test their new model? How accurate is the new model in comparison to the Solow model?
iii. What do the authors report regarding convergence? Does the sample used for evaluation matter? How does the evidence compare to endogenous growth?
iv. What does the article do well? Where could the authors make improvements?
2. NOTE: Your paper should conform to and follow APA 6th Edition style and formatting guidelines. The only guideline you can skip is the inclusion of an abstract. To be clear, your paper does not need to have an abstract. Please follow all of the other guidelines. See Your font must be Times New Roman size 12.
3. Below are a few sources containing information about writing well. Take a look at these prior to writing your paper.
Please do not quote unless absolutely necessary. It is generally better to provide the information in your own words and cite the source. Finally, please be sure to proofread your paper, and if possible, have someone else proofread it, as it is often difficult to catch your own mistakes after having spent so much time with it.
4. You will be scored according to how well you follow the instructions above. Your grade will be broken down as follows:
a. Summary of the article– 30%
b. Review of the article – 40%
d. Overall read (includes: citations, grammar, sentence structure, avoiding quotes, etc…) – 30%

i. Note: this also includes plagiarism, which will be assessed using Turnitin. Serious plagiarism will result in serious consequences.

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