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Assignment #3

The following questions base on the schema.

          Database Schema:

Setup the database and input the data. You must implement the referential constraints if necessary.

The data will be given on a separate handout

Complete the following queries:

1. Retrieve the birthdate address of the employee whose name is 'John B.  Smith'.

2. Retrieve the name and address of all employees who work for the 'Research'  department.

3. For every project located in 'Stafford', list the project number, the controlling  department  number, and the department   manager's last name, address, and  birthdate.

4. For each employee, retrieve the employee's first and last name and the first and last name of the his or her immediate supervisor.

5. Select all of combinations of EMPLOYEE  SSN and DEPARTMENT DNAME  in the database.

6. Retrieve the salary of every employee.

7. Make a list of all project numbers for projects that involve an employee  whose last name is  'Smith', either as a worker or as a manager of the department that controls the project.

8. Retrieve the name of each employee who has a dependent with the same first  name and same sex as the employee.

9. Retrieve the name of employees who have no dependents.

10. List the name of managers who have at least one dependent.

11. Retrieve the names of all employees who do not have supervisors.

12. Find the sum of the salaries of all employees of the 'Research' department, as well as the maximum salary, the minimum salary, and the average salary in  this department.

13. Count the number of distinct salary values in the database.

14. Retrieve the names of all employees who have two or more  dependents.

15. For each department, retrieve the department number, the number of  employees in the department, and their average salary.



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