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 Assessment and Instruction


Complete Parts 1–4 below to create two original assessments that meet the needs of diverse learners.


Part 1: Students


Identify the grade level of students and the content area you will assess.


Imagine that the assessments are for a class of 18 students with demographics that include the following:


  • Relatively equal ratio of boys to girls
  • Six identified ELL students:


  • Two of the students have entered the class within the last two months with no prior English language.
  • Three of the students have been in the ELL program for two years.
  • One of the students can speak English, but is not yet reading grade-level text.


Part 2: Planning Chart


Create a chart to plan for your assessments. Include the following:


  • Purpose of each assessment
  • Specifications of the assessments


  • Define the content.
  • Identify how the content will be assessed, such as whether it will be formal or informal.
  • Explain what interpretations can be made based on possible outcomes.


  • Performance standards to be assessed
  • Expectations of student achievement
  • Accommodations that need to be provided
  • Relationship between the development of the instruction and the assessments


Part 3: Assessments


Develop two original assessments for your imaginary class. Ensure that one of your assessments is related to reading and writing.


Note: Use the work completed in Part 1 and Part 2 to guide your development.


Part 4: Summary


Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary of your assessments, in which you address the following questions:


  1. What TESOL standards for assessment did you address?
  2. What are the benefits of or the value in the assessments?
  3. How can authentic assessment tools be used across the curriculum?
  4. How will you incorporate multiple intelligences in the assessment process?
  5. How will data from the assessments be used to determine individual student goals and objectives? How will you use the data to modify instruction?
  6. How will this information be communicated to students, families, and other stakeholders?
  7. How will you involve families in the assessment processes?



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