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QUESTION 1- scholarly reference 150 words

What do you think about the armed robbery case in Michigan mentioned in the textbook where the court ruled that the armed robber compelling the store clerk into another room to open the safe was not kidnapping because the movement of the victim was incidental to the robbery?  (pg. 243).  Was the court's ruling appropriate in your opinion?  What do the rest of you think here?

QUESTION 2- scholarly reference 150 words

What is the definition of assault? An example of assault?  How does the criminal act of assault differ from that of battery? What recommendations would you make to better combat mayhem, assault, and battery? Explain.

QUESTION 3- scholarly reference 150 words

It is often stated that "Only persons you trust can embezzle from you."  Do you agree or disagree with this statement?  Explain your answer.

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