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READ ME AGAIN CAREFULLY!: This is the fifth of five (5) seeing, thinking, and writing exercises designed to better prepare you for your final Formal Analysis Paper (Learning Project #6) at the end of the semester. This exercise is the last of three that will help you complete your Final Formal Analysis Paper. The painting (and artist) that you pick for Formal Analyses Exercises 3-5 (Assignments 9, 12, and 15) will help you gather all the material you need for your Final Formal Analysis Paper (Learning Project #8). If you complete these exercises thoroughly, your final paper will essentially write itself. (HINT: It is best to word-process these exercises so that you can copy and paste Formal Analyses Exercises 3-5 into your final paper and clean it up.) You can view a student sample by clicking next on the action menu at the top of this screen.

You have already answered Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII in Assignments 9 and 12, Formal Analyses Exercises 3 & 4. Hopefully you have saved your work in a way that you can put your answers for these exercises together in the Final Formal Analysis Paper.

Using the same work that you chose for Assignments 9 and 12, Formal Analyses Exercises 3 & 4and the same artist (your assigned artist) lease answer the following questions in Part VIII and IX (your bibliography or list of works cited) DO NOT SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENT WITHOUT A LIST OF RESOURCES.

This particular exercise is strictly based on your personal reaction to the work (the content) and it may be psychological or emotional, associative or sentimental. You may support your reaction to the work's content with resources if you wish.

Part VIII - Your Interpretation of the Art Object's Content (your critical judgment) (Answer question A):
A. Based on all the activities connected with the above, please respond to theeach of the following questions with one paragraph* for each question as appropriate to the subject and needed content seen below.

1. Describe the artist's intention and to what degree does the art object communicate it? 
2. Has the artist used the medium, technique or process sensitively in relation to the above? 
3. How does it make you feel and think? Why? 
4. How does it relate to you in relation to the world or universe as a whole? 
5. In what ways does it remind you of other art objects seen or studied in this course? Give specific examples and make direct comparisons even if it is to your assigned artist's other works of art.

*REMINDER: Please note, in this course, a well-considered paragraph minimally has a topic sentence with four (4) or more sentences that are both logical in content and correct in writing mechanics and style.

Part IX - Your MLA (alphabetized) Works Cited list: 
(Answer question B)

B. For Assignments 9, 12 and now 15 you have been asked to accurately record your references for your works cited list of complete MLA citations. You must work in the MLA format ONLY. Please include your works cited list in this Formal Analysis Exercise #5 (Assignment 15). You may certainly add to your MLA works cited list if you gather additional sources for your final paper.

Important! Please note: Wikipedia is not to be used as a reference! Information can be posted by the general public and it is not always accurate!

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