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NOTE: To get full credit for this assignment you must meet the paragraph minimum (2 full paragraphs), cite examples and use art appreciation terms whenever possible. Please write out each question before answering. See rubric (scoring guide) on the home page.

*A paragraph is a topic sentence with four or more supportive sentences. 


PICK 3 of the 8 LISTED ESSAY QUESTIONS! Each question must come from a different chapter.



Chapter 14
How did Peter Voukos' ceramic work challenge the idea of ceramics as "craft"? Why or why not do you consider his work to be aesthetic?

2. Discuss the Pilchuck School of Glass School in Washington state. Why is Dale Chilhuly's work so important in the context of the history of glass? What is the inspiration for his work and how is that reflected in the Rotunda Chandelier in the Victoria and Albert Museum?

3. Consider the work of Atelier Joana Vasconcelos (Contamination) and Magdalena Abakanowicz (Backs in Landscape). How do these fiber works trancend the concept of utilitarianism and function soley as an art to be viewed. What is the meaning behind each of the works of art?

Chapter 15
4. What is the difference between Post and Lintel Construction and Load Bearing Construction? How are these technolgies evidenced in ancient architectural design? Relate these to specific examples as seen in the text.


5. What is green architecture? Name three examples of green architecture and explain how they are linked to the the 4 key concepts of green architecture pages 374 and 375. Include and explanation of how you feel about the aesthetic of each of your choices.



6. What were the English influences for Frederick Olmsted's design of Central Park in New York City? How did these influences manifest themselves in the park's design?


Chapter 16
7. Chris Strach's Apple logo represents stylistic pluralism. What are some other examples not shown in the text of stylistic pluralism? How have they been subtly changed to fit needs while maintaining their corporate identity?

8. What is the Bauhaus and what were the aims of its founder Walter Gropius?  Citing at least 2 examples from the text, how is the mission of the Bauhaus seen in the works of art? 

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