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DIRECTIONS: Below you will find two paintings. Painting #1J. M. W. Turner's Snowstorm: Steamboat Off A Harbor's MouthPainting #2: Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

Please follow the directions below to complete this exercise. You will be answering questions (A - M) under the pictures on this page.

1. Selection of the Art Object (pick one!): Directions: The paintings below are also availble in your textbook.  

Turner Engraving   Van Gogh Painting    
Painting #1: J. M. W. Turner's Snowstorm:
Steamboat Off A Harbor's Mouth
Painting #2: Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

Having looked at both, please select one as your choice to think and write about. 

Having selected one for whatever reasons, please respond to the set of below questions. 

Do not attempt to “read up” on the selected work from the textbook material, just respond the questions based entirely on your current knowledge, thinking and feeling. 

2. Identification of the Art Object (please answer A through F):

Identify the art object (the painting) of your choice by providing the following information 
A. Title of the Work, if known: 
B. Artist or School, if known: 
C. Year Completed, if known: 
D. Medium Used, if known: 
E. Where Made or Found, if known: 
F. Current Location, if known: 

3. Examination of the Art Object's Medium/Technique/Process Used (please answer G through H):

G. Identify the medium: 

H. Recapitulate in some detail the technique or process used (the basic tools and steps the artist would generally use) to create the work from its initial idea to the finished work. 

You are asked to describe what was first done, then what did the artist do next, and what after that in terms of the specific medium used. In other words - how is an oil painting made? What is the PROCESS (FROM RESEARCH)?

The textbook's chapter on painting may have sufficient information for this question to be satisfactorily completed, however, it may be necessary for you to do some research on your own beyond the scope of the textbook alone in order to satisfactorily complete this question.

4. Objective Description of the Art Object's Subject Matter (its outer appearance)(answer I-M):

I.Provide an objective description only of the selected art object in the space below. Do not attempt to explain what is going on, to interpret or evaluate the work at this point. Just list the things viewed and their spatial relationship to others. (Dedicate at least one well-worded paragraph to this question. Provide a detailed answer.)

For example: a large maple tree with lots of autumn foliage extending to the very edge of the top and left side of the work is found off centered to the left in front of an old, but newly painted, white barn behind which can be seen distant rolling hills covered in a haze of gray. Beyond the hills lays a multicolored blue sky filled with white to gray scudding clouds of indefinite shapes extending all the way from behind the maple tree on the left to the work's right side.

J. Having interpreted the art object according to your point of view, please present your rationale or reasons which can range (or rage) from the most profound and sublime to the most banal and ridiculous as to why you selected the art object over the other. (Dedicate at least one well-worded paragraph to this question. Provide a detailed answer.)

K. Again, if you would, please describe how the two art objects differ in style from a range of the obvious to subtle characteristics or perspectives that one has and the other hasn't.(Dedicate at least one well-worded paragraph to this question. Provide a detailed answer.)

L. And again, if you would, please describe what characteristics or aspects the two art objectsshare ranging from the most obvious and to the most subtle. (Dedicate at least one well-worded paragraph to this question. Provide a detailed answer.)

M. Finally, please tell me what is your impression or thoughts about the personalities or characters of J.M.W.Turner and Vincent Van Gogh as professional artists and persons?(Dedicate at least one well-worded paragraph to this question. Provide a detailed answer.)

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