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NOTE: To get full credit for this assignment you must meet the paragraph minimum (2 full paragraphs), cite examples and use art appreciation terms whenever possible. Please write out each question before answering.



Chapter 4
1.    Discuss the concept of implied line. What is it? Describe in detail how it is used in three different works of art in Chapter 4. Name those works and the artists and give specifics.

2.  Discuss how Richard Long, Francis Alys and Andy Goldsworthy employ the earth and other media to use the element of line. What is the meaning of each of the three works of art that involve nature?

Chapter 5
3. Using three different images from the text, List  and describe three different techniques artists have used to convey the illusion of deep space on a flat, two-dimensional surface. Name artists and titles and use terms for each.

4. Discuss the works of Feng Mengbo and Doug Aitken. How have modern technologies allowed these artists to use space in a new way? What is the intent of the artist and the role of the viewer?

Chapter 6

5. How has the restoration of the Sistine Chapel changed our understanding of Michelangelo's palette?  How do you think Michelangelo used color to help define form? Use terms where possible. Does the work seem more genuine restored or before the restoration; Why or why not?

6. Compare and contrast the use of color and methods of color mixing of Chuck Close's Stanley Vs. Georges Seurat's Le Chahut. Use color terms. Last, which one do you prefer (appeals to your sense of aesthetics) and why?

Chapter 7
. Explain the aims and goals of Jackson Pollock. What is significant about his work? Do you see value in his work and if yes or no, why?

8. Explain in depth how Bill Viola uses his video to represent St. John of the Cross. What is the meaning of the large and small video components and how does time, space and conflict play into his installation?

Chapter 8
. Discuss the architecture of Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic's Rasin Building. What are the obvious similarities and differences? Why is this work nicknamed "Ginger and Fred?"

10. Discuss the use of multiple focal points in Velazquez’ Las Meninas. Is this painting focal or does it have emphasis in any way and if yes, how – if no, why not?

PLEASE adhere to the minimum requirement of 2 paragraphs per question and always state the question you are addressing first.

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