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In a 3-4 page paper: state  is Arizona 

  • Identify the state and federal courts covering your state. 
  • Determine the different levels of the state courts in your state starting with the lowest all the way up to the highest court. Briefly describe the different matters that each court has jurisdiction over.
  • Then, determine the different levels of the federal courts in your state starting with the lowest all the way up to your state’s highest federal court. Briefly describe the different matters that each federal court has jurisdiction over and how jurisdiction is determined.
  • Do not include specialty or limited courts like tax courts, bankruptcy, or agency claims.
  • Next, evaluate the following hypotheticals and determine which court (federal or state) has jurisdiction over the matter.
    1. You are renting an apartment. Your landlord has falsely claimed that you have given notice that you would not renew your lease and is pursuing eviction charges against you. The amount in controversy is $2,000 in rent, including your security deposit.
    2. The federal government just brought a case against a group of human traffickers who are accused of smuggling young women from Eastern Europe into the country for prostitution. The women are brought to large cities in different states, where prostitution rings are set up. The traffickers communicate with each other using the telephone system.

When you determine which court has proper jurisdiction, make sure you compare and contrast how each court handles these issues. What are differences and similarities between both of these court systems when handling these types of issues (landlord/tenant disputes and human trafficking)? Think about why one court has jurisdiction over a particular hypothetical and the other has jurisdiction over another? How do you know where each case should go (state or federal court)?

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Arizona Courts Paper
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Arizona court paper
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