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Select three different kinds of spaces with which you are familiar in everyday life: places where you live, work, play, exercise, socialize, meditate, or worship. Describe them in detail, explaining what you observe, feel, think, and do when you are in each space. Let your observation include lots of sensory inputs; you may notice visual elements first, but look for characteristic smells or sounds as well. Examine your thoughts and feelings with the same degree of attention: is this a place that uplifts you or drags you down? Finally, consider the activities you pursue here, whether they are unique to this space or associated with it in your memory.

Next, list the theoretical principles of architecture about which you learned from the unit Introduction, textbook readings, and discussion forums, and apply those principles to the spaces you have described. How do the architectural features of the space help to shape the variety of experiences you have when inhabiting it? Reflect on the traditional forms of architecture and assess how they contribute to what you observe, feel, think and do in these spaces.

Write an essay in which you describe familiar spaces and apply the architectural forms. 


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Familiar spaces and apply the architectural forms
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