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  • Describe your chosen business management issue.
    • Globalization and Technological Advancement
  • Explain the goal(s) organizational leadership would like to achieve with regard to the issue.
  • Describe any successes in solving the issue that have already been achieved and the improvements that are still needed.
  • Analyze the needs of the internal and external stakeholders with regard to the issue.
    • Identify the stakeholders.
    • Explain how and why they are affected by the issue.
    • Explain what they already know about the issue and what they still need to know.
    • Explain what the stakeholders will do with the information you are presenting.
Explaining Your Approach and Research
  • Provide the KPQs and/or KAQs you created for your chosen business management issue.
  • Describe the types of data you identified as needed to address the issue. 
  • Explain the role of the organization’s IT department and professionals in the data collection process. 
  • Describe the methodologies that could be used to analyze the data.  Be sure to include both quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Summarize the example source of data that you researched. 
    • Describe the source of the data.
    • Identify the methodology used to collect the data.
    • Share an example of actual data you have located.
    • Defend the validity and reliability of both the data and its source.
  • Share one of the articles from a year-to-date professional, peer-reviewed journal that you chose in support of your efforts to resolve the issue.
    • Analyze the value of the information found in the article in addressing the business issue.
      • What insights did you gain from the article?
      • How might the information be applied to the business issue?
Communicating to Stakeholders
  • Describe the potential types of graphs, graphics, dashboards, and narratives that would be most appropriate and effective to use when presenting and communicating this information to stakeholders.
    • Why do you believe your choices would be the best methods?
  • Explain how your choices support your KPQs and/or KAQs, while still being appropriate for the audience.
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Application of the EbM Steps Presentation
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