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.Net     using Visual Studio   must be submitted in three seperate files named according to title. must be original. I have attached the proposal which will be used for the second attachment and will need the items added to it for an update.

Application Design Documentation Using Splash Screen

This is a continuation of the assignment you have completed in Module Four.

  • Using Visual Studio, create a project for your proposed application.
  • Create a sample splash screen for your application (a splash screen is a screen that runs at program startup). This screen should have the application name, your name, the date, and a descriptive note about the purpose of the application. Include a graphic that fits the project; you may use any public domain graphic (i.e.: no licensed or copyrighted material!) or create your own graphic.

NOTE: Think about what you can do and how much time it will take]. How can you create an interesting application quickly and easily? Think seriously about what coding tasks were easy or interesting for you versus what tasks you disliked. Your goal is to design a practical project that you can complete during this course. DO NOT PROPOSE OR SUBMIT A PROJECT FROM THE TEXTBOOK!

Please submit your design document to your instructor for grading.


Classes and Screens

In this assignment, you will update your final project proposal to plan for your project, creating a design that you can use to create your code project. While this is a working document, it is understood things many change between the design and implementation.

  • What items you will be able to create and how you will create them?
  • Create a storyboard (graphic) and list of menu and screen items to delineate your proposed user screen(s) and menus. Include a starting list of the classes you believe will be useful to your application.
  • List and describe any user data inputs and outputs your application will require and produce.
  • If you will be using data validation as one of your techniques, list and describe the criteria needed for each proposed field.
  • Using Visual Studio, create sample class implementations. These will be code stubs that provide the basis for the classes you will be using.

Submit the revised document file and Visual Studio project to your instructor for grading.


Final Project: Application Development

Create the application you designed in Assignment from Module Three.

  • You must use five (5) programming techniques discussed in this class.
  • Compile and test the application before you submit it.
  • If your final project does not match the proposed design exactly, document the differences.

List the differences between the design document specification and the final implementation.

  • Write a detailed explanation of why the design was not implemented. For example, if your design was too ambitious and you did not have time to implement it completely, what did you do instead, and why was the original too time consuming?
  • Your code project must be in Visual Studio.
  • Your documentation must be in a Word-readable format (.docx, .doc, .rtf, .txt).
  • Your final submission for this class will consist of
    • the application plus all project files (code files and other project files);
    • documentation of differences between proposed design and final product.

Submit all components of your assignment to your instructor for grading.

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