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The Following are the requirements for this assigments:

- Proper APA format

- Must have in text citation

- Must be at  least 3 pages long excluding the reference page

- At least 3 scholar references

SA2  Analyze employee benefits plans   Research and discuss employee benefits plans for small businesses (in the USA). This involves searching the library/Internet for appropriate information.

Answer each of tf he following.  You may want to use tables for comparisons.

• Describe at least two employee benefits plans typically offered by small businesses. What issues do you find with the different types of plans? 

• Select one of the above you would need in order to start or run your preferred type of small business. 

• Explain why you chose the plan. Is each plan needed to start the business, or could some plans be added at a later stage? 

• Describe the company's financial and managerial responsibilities in regard to the type of plan you chose. 

• Describe the potential costs and reporting requirements of the  plan you chose.

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