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  1. In a related post to Chinese organized crime, although you don't see them on day to day basis in middle-America, you do see them where there are a large population of Chinese.  One place that I actually see their influence in my occupation is in the casinos and card rooms in California (in my position in regulating them).  They of course will use casinos as a method of money laundering.  They also are involved in loan sharking. Loan sharking is an interesting crime in and of itself. Does any of you in class (or someone you know) have any experience with this type of crime?

  2. Why is   Loan sharking a difficult type of crime to investigate and/or prosecute.

  3. Many people commenting on these murders committed with firearms by Illegal aliens, or of the many "mass shootings" that have occurred in the last couple years begin the conversation with gun control rather than holding the criminal responsible for the violence...and never address the Second Amendment conflict.  But lets, for the sake of argument, say that we take firearms away from everyone, and make it illegal for anyone to possess.  What does that really mean?

  4. only people that respect the law (law abiding citizens) are the only ones that will be "disarmed," and they will be the targets and "lambs for the slaughter" for all the criminals who don't care that they are not supposed to have guns.  So what if all the police and military seize every existing gun in every household....where will the criminals get the guns?  

  5. They can't stop drugs from coming over the boarder. Heck, they can't stop tens of millions of illegal immigrants from coming over the boarder (as it stands now).  Therefore, there is no way to stop (illegal) guns from coming over the boarder. So the solution is to disarm the "law abiding?" Will this really stop gun violence based on what I just stated?

  6. What is the role of alternate corrections systems? How do alternate corrections systems impact the criminal justice system as a developing trend regarding management, administration, etc.? Is there a better solution to alternative corrections systems? Explain

  7. costs are a major motivation behind the push into alternative corrections.  My home state is having this very debate at the moment, and has enacted some alternative corrections reforms.  What has your state done in this area?

  8. Alternative corrections give courts more options, particularly when it comes to low-level and non-violent offenders.  Many states have tried things such as drug courts and reduced sentences.  What would you say to someone who opposed this effort and said that any crime needs to be punished harshly?

  9. One program many states us is private boot camp programs,which have seemed to be a success in the states where they are used.  They mostly apply to younger inmates, however, and typically are voluntary.    How do you feel about these being private and a profit motive being part of the equation?  Is that a positive or negative?

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