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Since childhood, Mr. Lu Xun in his desk now on a "morning", this style started to affect the students of history, several generations of renewal and transformation, we have become on the desks of the "culture" A.
"Desks ulture" is widespread in the class took to the ring, you can see a wide range of potential "authentic work culture."
A desk: "Nicholas Tse," as long as you live for the day "." Obviously, the desk is a master of popular songs like the people. He must love Nicholas Tse, whether he liked the song or like him. Have their own favorite idols, of course, not a bad thing, the idol of the songs and names written on desks, every day, of course, be able to see the show, "Iron". Starchaser but it's too old-fashioned way, and no content, and their "culture desk" is not associated with, so I go under a desk.

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All the faces in the world are mirrors - 80099
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