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Does anyone have any experience working with the program called ALICE and have it installed?

Submit an Alice A2W file and either a flowchart or pseudo-code for each of the following projects:


Leaving on a Jet Plane: Create a world with an array containing three Grayjumpjets (Web Gallery). You may have to resize the objects.

Have each jet lift off the ground, one at a time.

Together, all three should turn and fly off together.

Reference the objects by its array name.

Helicopter Squadron: Create a world with a list containing four Helicopters (Local Gallery). Again, you may have to resize them to fit in the world’s view.

One at a time, each helicopter should have its propeller turn, and rise to the same height, still in the camera’s view.

A message should appear from each windshield, indicating its readiness for the mission. At that point, all four helicopters should move off the camera’s view in the same direction.

Once started, each helicopter’s propeller should turn throughout the story.

Reference the objects by its list name

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Alice 2 Greyjumpjet and Helicopters
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Two alice program with flowchart
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