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This is assignment is due by this evening at 10pm eastern standard time.

Please answer each question.  APA Format is NOT required.

1.  Dr. Thomas went into operating room 1 and removed the appendix of Patient 1 and then went into operating room 2 and removed the left leg of Patient 2 . Both patients had signed informed consents for their intended surgical procedures. Dr. Thomas, however, mixed up the Patients – Patient #1 was supposed to have his left leg amputated and Patient #2 was supposed to have his appendix out. Did Dr. Thomas commit a battery in either or both cases?

 2.  Tim was 8 years old when he was in his home with his father and mother.

  • He was out playing when he noticed his neighbor’s front door open (the neighbor that always gave him ice cream.)
  • He went inside the front door and noticed a gun laying on the front entry table.
  • He took it and returned home hiding it under his bed.
  • About an hour later, Tim’s mother left to run and errand and a friend of his father’s came over.
  • Tim’s father told him to do his homework and Tim didn’t want to – they fought about it and Tim was ordered to go to his room.
  • He did so and retrieved the gun. He returned and aimed it at his father, pulled the trigger and was surprised when a bullet exited, instantly killing his father.
  • He dropped the gun in panic and a second bullet dislodged severly injurying his Dad’s friend.

1) What crimes could each of the following be charged with?

(1) Tim (2) The neighbor (3) Tim’s mother

2) Assume you were the prosecutor, now that you have identified the crimes you COULD charge – what crimes WOULD you charge and why? 3) What punishments do you feel would be most appropriate and why?

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