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One of the recent developments facing the public administration of corrections is that there has been an increasing call by public officials and the citizenry to privatize the prison systems in the United States. Discuss the following in regard to this:

  • First, from the perspective of a public-sector correctional administrator, make 2 arguments for keeping the jails in public hands.
  • Second, from the perspective of a private-sector correctional facility manager make 2 arguments for turning the correctional system over to the private correctional industry.
  • Briefly discuss the types of challenges that each sector—both public and private—may face.
  • Are there any legal issues, either criminal or civil, that need to be addressed before privatization can occur?
  • Support your viewpoints from your readings and other appropriate outside sources, in APA format.
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Private v. Public Prisons
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Administration of Criminal Justice
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