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  1. 1.      Explain how EDM could be used in your AIS class to eliminate all paper flow between the students and professor. Include in your explanation what technologies would be needed to facilitate your plan.
  2. 5. Review the Diagram  (need to finish question)

a. List the resources, events, and agents that are represented as entities in this diagram.

1. Events: work completed, release time, training completed

2. Agents: employee, client,

b. Write a description for each of the six relationships in the diagram. In your description be sure to include cardinalities. For Example, you might describe the relationship between vendors and purchase orders as: Purchase orders are sent to vendors. A vendor may receive many (N) orders, but  each purchase order is for only one (1) vendor.”


Entity Relationship Diagram






Purchase Clerks













Processed by
















Sent to

















order item




made by

















received item



















3. Respond to the following discussion topic: Lehman Brothers had weak Directors with little financial knowledge and those directors were not independent of management. How do the weaknesses of the Board and the Audit Committee affect the auditor evaluation of internal control over financial reporting?

4. Respond to the following discussion topic: Although each fraud is unique, there are commonalities among many of the major financial reporting frauds that have taken place in the past decade. What are the major commonalities and lessons that can be learned through an examination of frauds at Enron, HealthSouth, WorldCom, Addeco, Lucent and Parmalat?

5.  Respond to the following discussion topic: Discuss the audit risk associated with auditing related party transactions?

6.  Respond to the following discussion topic: Why should the auditor take special care concerning accounting estimates?

7.  Respond to the following discussion topic: What is defensive auditing? Is it necessary?


8.  Review and reflect on what you learned in the past 8 weeks.  What is the most practical and easily applied lesson you learned?  What was the hardest to grasp?  Why?





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