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Here are two case studies for this assignment.  You are the clinician, and your assignment is to read both cases and answer the questions about each one based on the material you have read in Chapter 5.

1.  Teresa comes to your office.  She has been referred to you by her primary care doctor who, after doing a complete work-up, could find nothing wrong with her.  She tells you she feels as if she is losing control and going crazy.  You ask her to explain.  She says that for the last two months, she has been unexpectedly having shortness of breath, heart palpitations, dizziness, and sweating.  These experiences seem to come out of the blue and make her so afraid of having other feelings like these, that she is afraid to leave her house.  How would you diagnose Teresa and why?  Create a treatment plan for her.

2.  Becky came to your office because she had been sexually assaulted six months ago and is having difficulty.  She has been receiving medical treatment for a sexually transmitted disease which she contracted as a result of the assault, and she tells you that she feels anxious and depressed.  The rapist was an acquaintance of hers and she has been questioning her ability to judge people.  Her self-esteem is really low and she is having a problem concentrating at school because she keeps having thoughts about the rape. Her grades are suffering, and she is afraid she may lose her scholarship.  Becky has been having nightmares and has started to drink a lot to help her sleep.  Her friends have been supportive, but Becky says she no longer enjoys hanging out with them, and she thinks they are getting tired of her mood swings.  Beck feels like she is going crazy.

How would you diagnose Becky and why?  What treatment would you recommend?

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