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Twenty Years from now, the typical large business will have half the levels of management and one-third the managers of its counterpart today.

Work will be done by specialists brought together in task forces (teams) that cut across traditional departments.  Coordination and control will depend largely on employees’ willingness to discipline themselves—not by Human Resources.

Please write a 500 word paper on the importance of Teams in the Organization.  

  • In your paper explain how (you as a manager) would hire, manage, compensate and motivate teams working under your leadership in order to meet the goals of the organization and Human Resource Management.
  • Please include a title sheet      and 2-3 references.  
  • Only one reference may      come from the internet (not Wikipedia).  
  • The other references      should be from books.  Only the body of the paper will count toward      the word requirement.  For this assignment only you may write in 1st      person.
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Hiring, managing, compensating and motivating employees
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