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This essay assignment will focus on the critical analysis of a primary source document, Tacitus: Germania. Please carefully read this primary source excerpt and then craft an organized and well thought out, college-level, academic paper. Your paper should answer the following questions and meet the following criteria:


1) Analyze the following topics discussed by Tacitus in his account of Germania: (You may choose several of the following subjects, you do not have to address all. However, your paper should be organized and concise and must focus on at least FOUR of the following topics).

* German warfare practices

* Religion

* Marriage, family, and gender relations

* Architecture

* Agriculture and food


* Social classes

* Weaponry

* Society

* Law and Order

2) Briefly discuss how the culture and society of Germania differed from the others previously studied this semester.

3) What can you learn from the “tone” of the author in his analysis of Germania? Remember, Tacitus was a Roman citizen.


* Minimum length: 3-4 pages, Times New Roman, 12-pt font, double-spaced. (approximately 750 word MINIMUM).

* You MUST use direct evidence from the primary sources and QUOTE DIRECTLY from the source. This is your “proof/evidence” and a REQUIREMENT.

* Outside sources may not be used. For general information you may use your textbook in a limited way. To offer support for your comparisons with other ancient societies, you should use the textbook and other primary sources offered within iCollege.

* Failure to use citations will result in an automatic zero for the assignment.

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