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Discuss the conflict between England and the IRA and any similarities to terrorism in the Middle East. Explain what the IRA is. What is the fight between England and the IRA about? Is the battle primarily one that is religious, political, or both? Explain. Compare and contrast that conflict to the Middle Eastern situation.


On the topic of rape, a small amount of states allows non-consent to be proven simply by the victim’s testimony that he or she did not consent. Most states, however, require a showing of some resistance to prove non-consent. Which approach do you think is best? Why? What is the impact of a requirement to show resistance on the victim’s willingness to testify?


Search the Internet for information on sexual trafficking. One website to review would be the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.Describe the crime of sexual trafficking and discuss what other crimes against persons can be committed in the course of sexual trafficking.

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