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Do you believe the police should have access to these records and be able to use them in their investigations? You are an investigator for the local police agency working on a series of home burglaries that have all occurred within a specific geographical area of the city. All of the burglaries have been committed between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The same method of operation (MO) has been used in each burglary. Only homes with open garages were burglarized when no vehicle was in the garage and no one was home. The perpetrator entered the home through the garage and then pried the door to the home open. You have a possible suspect based on one witness who spotted a suspicious vehicle and wrote down the tag number. The vehicle came back registered to a person with a prior history of arrest for burglary. However, the suspect no longer lives at the address on the vehicle registration and no one in the neighborhood knows his current address. Since the suspect used the same MO in the previous crimes as that of the current burglaries you were able to eventually make an arrest.
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You are a police officer investigating
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