2 Parts: Part 1 is a BST and Part 2 is a Red Black tree using the BST - 76983

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Part 1

  1.     Create a Binary Search Tree using the letter 'M' as the root that holds all of the WORDS in the Declaration of Independence.   
  2.      Handle collisions by considering the second, third, etc. duplicates to be greater than.  (Note we will not be modifying this tree nor doing deletions!)
  3.      Programmatically answer the following questions:
    •      What is the size (height and number of nodes) in your tree
    •      Search for several worlds in your Linked List lab, Hash Table lab, and this lab and record the number of loops to fine the same words in each case.

Part 2

  1.     Create a RED BLACK tree and follow the instructions from the BST lab.
  2.     Report the depth of the tree and the total number of words stored.
  3.     Now, find the words in the leaves of the tree, and search for those words and determine if the time to find those words is approximately “log(depth)” (Remember to count cycles not actual time. - We are determining the “Big O” of an ordinary binary tree, which we will compare to a Red-Black tree in the final project.
  4.     Display the results.
  5.     Add a paragraph on how you would have written the lab 6 code differently so that you could have reused the some of the code without modification.   (ie. Code Reuse)
  6.    Handle ALL error conditions and unexpected errors using TRY/CATCH/FINALLY blocks.
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