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Human Communication Applied Project 1 Nonverbal Communication (developed by Jane Hercules) 1 of 3

You must complete all of the items in Section 1 (A, B, C) You must choose and complete two of the options in Section 2

Section 1

Examine your own Nonverbal Communication: (Complete A, B and C below)

A. Distracting Mannerisms

(A, B, C, D)

Describe any distracting mannerisms that you may have.
In addition, ask someone who knows you well to provide input. Compare your perception with that of the person you asked.
How aware of your nonverbal communication behaviors are you? What, if any, changes would you like to make?

B. Touch Preferences and Personal Space

Are you a person who likes or dislikes being touched? Why?
How do you communicate your preference to others?
How does this correlate to personal space?
How does your preference for personal space and touch change when interacting with acquaintances, friends, and strangers?

C. Environment

How do your home/apartment and your car communicate information about you? What is it saying about you? Why?
Make certain to provide a description of the environments.

Section 2

Examine Others’ Nonverbal Communication: (Complete 2 of the following 4 options A, B, C, D)

A. The Multi-Channeled nature of Nonverbal Communication

For this assignment:
Listen to a talk show on television or the internet without looking at the screen.

(Take notes on how you receive the message without any nonverbal observations) Watch the program for a second time, this time you will watch and listen simultaneously.

(Take notes on how you receive the information when you listen/watch the broadcast and you can see facial expressions, eye contact, and other nonverbal channels)

How is the message affected by the presence or absence of certain nonverbal channels?
Do you interpret the message differently when you use the listen-only technique, or was the message the same when it was accompanied by nonverbal communication? Explain.

Hercules- Human Communication

B. Body Motions

Find a public setting (for example, a restaurant, commons area or coffee shop) where you can observe two people having a conversation.
They should be close enough to you so that you can observe their eye contact, facial expression, and gestures, but not close enough that you can hear what they are saying.

You should not know these individuals personally.
Carefully observe the interaction, and answer the following questions:
What is their relationship?
What seemed to be the nature of the conversation?
How did you think each person felt about the conversation?
Did feelings change over the course of the conversation?
Was one person more dominant?
Take note of the specific nonverbal behaviors that led you to each conclusion.

C. Violating Intimate Space Norms

Enter a crowded elevator.
First trip, step in and face the back of the elevator. Do not turn around to face the doors. Make direct eye contact with the person/persons standing in front of you. Do not speak to the people on the elevator.

Second trip, step in and face the back of the elevator. Do not turn around to face the doors. Make direct eye contact with the person/persons standing in front of you, introduce yourself to the person/persons and engage in an animated conversation.

Third trip, get on an empty elevator and stand in the exact center. Face the back of the elevator. Do not turn around to face the doors. Do not move when others get on board the elevator.

Record others reactions for each scenario.

*If someone gets aggressive, immediately explain that you were doing this as a class assignment. Do not put yourself in harms way!

D. Cultural Differences in Self-Presentation

For this examination:
Interview/converse with two international students.
Try to select students whose cultures differ from one another and from the culture with which you are most familiar.
Ask questions about self-presentation behaviors in their country.
Ask about their observations/ confusion about self-presentation cues in this country.
how people in the international student’s country differ from you in their use of nonverbal, self-presentation behaviors.

Hercules- Human Communication

Applied Project 1 Nonverbal Communication

1 of 3


Collect and examine the information, concentrate on the three Focus Items on the directions sheet. Research the topic and provide background information.
Provide a citation page, with at least 3 academic citations about the topic.
Compile information/observations for in-class presentation. Give us detail, not just a brief summary. You may do a PowerPoint presentation or verbal presentation.



Be prepared to answer questions from the class. Present results in a professional manner.

Applied Project 1 Nonverbal Communication


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