How it Works

Student Lance offers a revolutionary service that allows you to find help with your homework or gives you the chance to make money online by tutoring other others. Whether you’re a student or a tutor the process is simple and easy and you can start using Student Lance right now.


If you’re a student all you need to do is

  • Sign Up- signing up is free and only requires basic info like name and email so that we can keep you in loop as to when a change occurs or a solution to your requests has been posted.
  • Post your request. Requests are posted by students and tutors browse through them and when a solution is posted you will be notified through the email you provided. You can also search and browse through the existing requests. When you’re ready to post a new request the request form will be where you include what subject you need help with and other questions you have will include how much you want to spend to get a tutor to help you help you with your solution.
  • Wait…..for it…. After you’re request has been posted a tutor will post a solution to your request. After a solution has been posted be sure to rate and review your tutor that way other students will know how awesome he or she is.


If you’re a tutor the process is just as easy

  • Sign up
  • Browse through requests and start posting solutions or if you have questions regarding the requests you can always contact the student before posting a solution.
  • Make Money! Rinse and Repeat.


It is a simple pay it forward method of learning. You can be a student, tutor, or both. Signing up for Student Lance is free so you can “GET STARTED NOW

If you’re unsure or still have a few questions please visit our FAQ page or chat online with one our rep’s or feel free to email us at Contact Us