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Windows 7 Troubleshooting

You will individually prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that addresses each scenario. The paper may contain additional diagrams and pictures if they help support your arguments. In the paper, consider troubleshooting theory, methods of troubleshooting diagnosis,
utilization of Help files, Internet research, and your experiences. All references, citations, and quotations must be documented in APA format, and a full reference list must be included.

Scenario 1 You have begun a new technical support role in the IT department of a major manufacturing organization. Your first support call is from a client who is using Windows 7® and has encountered stability problems. Discuss the process you would undertake to identify his or her problem and the operating system tools you would use to do so.

Scenario 2 Your next call is from a user whose Windows 7® machine will not boot. Outline the steps you would complete to identify the source of the user’s problem and list the tools provided in Windows 7® that might be useful in your analysis.

Scenario 3 The organization has clearly not adopted an operating system standard; as a result, numerous products and versions are in use throughout the company. Consider the operating systems, and discuss which of these you would recommend and why. Which of them
would you recommend replacing if they were in use in your organization?

$ 35.00
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