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Hellenistic period in Greek

Hellenistic period  in Greek


HY1110 Unit 2/3 Rico THE WEST Encounters & Transformations


Working out of the following Textbook:

THE WEST Encounters & Transformations 3rd Ed. “Brain Levack, Edward Muir, & Meredith Veldman”

3. Discuss the development of political and social structures that produced a strong sense of community and cultural unity among Greeks during the Archaic Age.

4. Compare and contrast the artistic achievements of the Hellenistic period with those of the classical age. How were they different?

5. How did Rome’s contact with the Hellenistic world affect Roman civilization in the second and third centuries B.C.E.? Provide specific examples of art, architecture, literature, religion, and philosophy.

6. Discuss and define the idea of Romanization and its role in creating unity in the development of the Roman Empire



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The sharp rise in population at the start of the Archaic period brought with it the settlement of new towns and the exp

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